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Finlay – the tail/tale of a wagging dog …

Finlay (short for Finely Chopped Tomatoes) was Mum and Dad’s dog. He left an impression on you the moment you met him – sometimes literally as he wasn’t a fan of postmen or runners… despite that I believe that he had a good heart.  I imagine him as the kind of dog that would have worn a smoking jacket and been a sophisticated ladies’ man, had he been human and not castrated.  He was a looker, with his seal-skin coat, distinguished stance and his enthusiasm for life. Boy did he like to run – he was fast, lithe and athletic – both sprint and long distance, with an occasional disappearance act that would only help to pull my parents’ hair out.

Sadly, he passed away eighteen months ago, and has left a hole in the daily lives of my parents. What started off as the worst 60th birthday surprise – a naughty rescue dog – became a solid companion – a head on the knee or a snuggle on the sofa…

So this Christmas I decided to resurrect him, as a mixed media memory – in ‘upcycled’ vine wire and stripped electrical cable coating, papier mache and chicken wire.

They had the barebones version for Christmas, and now they have received the final fleshed out version, so that now when you pat his head, his tail wags and his heart ‘beats’.

I hope you like it!


post script

today I would also like to remember another member of our family – Apples. She left this world peacefully on Friday… xxx

19th February 2017

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