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a new year … a new challenge!

The first two weeks of this year have flown by, and with them ideas have fluttered into my consciousness and possibly settled for a while. Last year I set my self an Instagram challenge of finding hearts.. a heart a day (blarlifoundhearts)… which subsequently turned into a book.  

These hearts are to be found, not deliberately created – natural or human accidents, perfect or slightly wonky. I believe you can see hearts everywhere if you look…  I met a lady once, a kind stranger who gave me space for a hammock and a fantastic night of bonfire chat and a bowl of hot bean stew. The next day we went to the shore, telling me to ask nature to show me what I should see and for me to be open to see it: we found some wonders.  Sometimes I see hearts all through the day, and sometimes I don’t see any… but curiosity at the world around gives you a chance to observe things that would be so easy to walk past.

Many years ago I wrote a children’s story about a pirate girl who with her magic pencil could rub out where things aren’t right and redraw them how they should be. That story was to do with the problem of over-fishing, which is depleting our seas… It lead me to researching the IUCN’s Red List of endangered species, which is constantly being updated – with everything from animals to plants.  So, I looked at the 2016 Red List and set myself a challenge for this year: to make the 225 Critically Endangered birds, to be exhibited in a garden somewhere, using wire and unrecyclable plastics… may the challenge commence!

15th January 2017

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